Getting Started with an Online Business

If you have found your way to this page, I think it’s safe to say that you’re looking into getting started with an online business. If this is true, please read this entire page. I want to help you.

If you are anything like me, you have probably been suckered into trying and failing numerous times trying to build a successful online business with different programs. There are gobs of them and, for the most part, they are either scams or programs that simply throw you to the wolves with little to no training, help or advice on how you can be successful. That is why I created

I want to show you a way that you can get started today in building a successful online business with absolutely zero upfront cost. You do not need to enter a credit card to set up your account. All you need is a computer and an email address. Don’t worry, your email will not wind up on a list that will get sold to spammers. I promise.

I’m here to

I’ve been down the road you’re looking down now and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that you can be successful, but you need help. There is no shame in that. I needed help getting started online and I frequently still do, even after doing this for the many years that I have been.

I’ve met dozens of wildly successful business people. All of them have a few core things in common. They work hard, they have help and they have a website.

How to Make Money With an Online Business

There are several ways you can make money with a website, not the least of which is selling products or services you provide. But what if you don’t manufacture anything or have a service to sell? Is there a way to make money online?

The simple answer is yes. The following steps can be applied whether your are selling your own products, someone else’s or if you are going to be writing about something you are passionate about.

  1. Build a website
  2. Attract visitors
  3. Earn money

You do not need to sell anything at all to create a revenue producing website.

This sounds simple because it is. It will not happen overnight, but if you can follow simple directions, you can create a revenue producing website by simply writing website content about something you feel passionate about.

There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to go about this. I can show you where to find help.

Hard Work

I have never met or heard of a millionaire who attained his or her wealth without a fair degree of hard work other than maybe through inheritance or winning the lottery. And I have never met a lottery winner or someone who came from old money.

There is no such thing as getting rich quick or without work. You cannot sit idly by and watch the dollars flow into your bank account. In order to build wealth you will have to work for it. I do not want you to have some preconceived notion that anything that I show you or talk to you about will be something that you will not work at.

I have two pieces of good news for you, though. You can come up with an idea that you work hard at where the hard work is fun, and I’m happy to walk you through the process.

vegetables-havestOne of my hobbies is gardening. I toil year in and year out with weeds, watering and feeding my plants, but the fruits of my labor reward me seven fold and I love being in my gardens. I’m proud to feed my family and friends with fresh, organic produce every year that I know is much better for you than what you can buy in the store or even at the farmer’s market.

What if I told you that you can make money just by talking about something you are passionate about or love to do, whether it is gardening, working on cars, DIY, fitness or anything else you can possibly think of. There is a program that I am personally involved in that can show you how to do this. The best part is, it is completely free to get started.

Getting Help

The program that I want to show you not only has tons of great training, it shows you exactly where to start. There are also scores of people who subscribe to this program (I am one of them) and they are all a part of a community that is really eager to help you be successful.

Times constantly change. With that change comes new and different ways to do things. You will constantly be learning and adapting to new trends. The program that I’m talking about is in constant flux, changing with the times. The training courses are constantly updated.

Having a Website

browserI cannot think of a single business entity that does not have some form of an online presence these days. I’ll bet you use google, bing or yahoo on a daily basis to get information. Am I right? A website is absolutely critical if you are looking to start an online business.

When I started my first online business you used to have to know how to write code or hire someone who did. Those days are gone. Today there are tons of services (some good, some not so good – or as I like to say some sucker, some sucker free) where you can have a website up and running fairly quickly, but did you know that there is a proper way to create a website’s content that will garner it more attention? If you’re willing to work hard (at something you enjoy) and willing to learn you can have a successful online business.

Best of all you can have a new FREE website to promote your online business up and running in a matter of minutes. MINUTES! I can show you how you can create your very own website for free.

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy and completely free. If you are interested in getting started with an online business (that is completely sucker free), I highly recommend that you create a free account at Wealthy Affiliate.

Remember, getting started is absolutely free. Yes there will come a time where you will probably need to spend some money but this is the only program that I’m aware of that lets you get in there, build a website (or two), get training from professionals who have been doing this for a long time and get help from the massive community.

The training in this program is extremely effective. It is task driven so each and every module that you take will have at least a few tasks for you to complete before moving onto the next one. This will help keep you focused on what you need to do in order to succeed.

I, along with many others, will be there to help you through the process. If you have any questions, I’m happy to help. Just ask in the comments below.

22 Replies to “Getting Started with an Online Business”

  1. Hey

    excellent article by the way, i like the way you write it is easy for me to understand. you seem to know a great deal and are well informed.

    It is true when you refer to the hard work needed to become or attain any measurement of success, people are all about something for nothing well that just aint the right mind set.. Work hard stay focused..

    I appreciate you writing this post and sharing it this with us thanks, I have learned some valuable lessons and no doubt others have to.

    Thank you


  2. Hey Christian

    You are not a sucker, even though you believed in the sea-moneys. I totally believed in them myself.

    Your article has me interested in learning more about Wealthy Affiliate. You say its free to start, but nothing is free. So I guess what I am asking is what is the catch?

    I enjoyed reading your article on getting started and your about you page. Well done.

    Thank you


    1. Hey Sheri. There is actually no catch at all. On Wealthy Affiliate you can be a free member and create a free websites forever. There is a pay for service as well that provides more training, additional features and added support but once you are a free member you can take advantage of a lot of the training they have to offer.

      I do believe that once you see the value of the program and can see the added value of the “pay for” membership it’s pretty much a no brainer to sign up for the premium service, but everyone is different. If you are interested in having any type of an online business, I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the vehicle for success.

  3. WA is amazing and your explanation is very clear. You are right, there is NO CATCH! It’s the most amazing online business course out there. If you are willing to put in the time, success will be at your door step. Like I like to say, WORK HARD, PLAY HARD! 🙂

  4. This is a very nice article.I only know of two millionaires that I have shook hands with. One was a lobbyist in Alaska who I did some work for on his ranch here in Missouri. The other one from Missouri started business at 17 saving seeds. By 27 he was a millionaire and now has three seed companies.

    Hillbilly Vapor

    1. Man, I wish I had started saving seeds when I was 17. I did not start until I was in my 30’s. Thanks for the comment. I hope you give Wealthy Affiliate a look. It can probably help you promote your vaping website.

  5. Hey Christian,
    Thats actually the same name of one of my best buddies 🙂 Anyways!
    Thank you for delivering easy to read, easy to absorb, digestible information (not to mentioned those scuptious veggies)

    You are absolutely right when it goes to hard work. Nothing worth while comes easy, if you are willing to learn, grow and practice what you learn (like anything else in this world) you will go very far.

    I hope you find WA very rewarding!

    Jim Rohn once said “Dont wish it was easier, wish you were better”

  6. Wow Christian, that’s a nice article.

    And I agree, Hard work is very important if you want to succeed at all. There are quite a few sites which promise you thousands of dollars with the click of a button and yet… they are left with nothing but empty hope after they get tempted and buy.

    Would love to know how wealthy affiliate compares with other coaching programs out there.

    1. Thanks, Faraz. Please try to check back soon. I’m working on some side by side comparisons of other products. In short, there is nothing like Wealthy Affiliate anywhere in the market. They provide all of the tools you need to create a successful online business. Nobody else does what they do.

      Thanks for the note.

  7. Hi Christain,
    I really think that more people need to get started online. The world wide web is 25 years old now, can you believe it? Thousands of people are making a full-time income online, and I know I want to be a part of it.

    Your right when you say it is hard work, but so is almost every job that people work out there. But to be able to build an asset online and have it for the rest of your life, your own business, who wouldn’t want to do that? I can speak for myself and say that I want that.

    Thanks for sharing how to get started online, people need to be educated in this area. And if someone is reading this and has not started working online, I really recommend giving it a try. Theirs nothing to lose when its free to join!


    1. Thanks, Richard. I guess it’s pretty obvious how I feel about hard work. If anything is worth doing, there is probably a fair degree of work involved. I often forget the age of the world wide web. Did you know that the internet is actually 45 years old though? It started as Arpanet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) and was later named the internet. It was conceived in 1962 but the first ever computer to computer link was in 1969 on Arpanet.

  8. Hi, I stumbled upon this site, which is amazing I must say! Such a useful and quality content and site layout overall .
    Very well written and easy to understand, especially for beginners.
    I will definitely visit your site in the future, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us and good luck.

    Kind regards


    1. No problem, Chris. Glad you stumbled upon it. Check back soon. I’ve got some killer sucker free online business product reviews coming soon.

  9. A very informative article. Owning a website is a must for online business; it’s like a shop in the real-world. Only your customers could potentially be 1000 times more in terms of access.

    1. A billion times more, Drew. The number of internet users is 3.17 billion. That’s huge. You would never be able to reach that audience with a brick and mortar shop. In fact I can’t think of a single business that does not have some form of an internet presence. Everyone needs it!

  10. This must be one of the first times I have heard the phrase starting your own business for FREE. There are so many scams going on in the Internet right now that I am finally happy to hear that there is something out there that might actually work. Now, I understand that building a business takes an investment of money but I am glad that we are able to try this program for free. thank you for sharing!

  11. I’ve had dreams for many months now about leaving my job behind and working online for a living…but then I come across all these horror stories and just fold…
    When you say this offer is completely free do you mean that there are no upsells once I have given up my email address? I don’t want to end up with a surprise bill for some tool I will never really use!

    1. Hey Chris, there are no upsells that you need to purchase in order to work on your online business for free, forever. But… There are some things that simply work better with a premium membership to WA. For instance, you do not need to use subdomains for your website. I’ll be touching on that more in a future article.

  12. Hi there,
    This is such a valuable article. I just created my very first website and I’m 100% ready to begin my pursuit of financial freedom. I’m going to work very hard to succeed on this new type of online business which is affiliate marketing. I agree with you on getting help within this business, there’s a lot of competition out there, but with support it’s possible to be in the best ranked sites of any niche.
    Thanks for sharing this post!

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