What is the Chris Farrell Membership? – Just another scam?

I just got through with an evaluation of the Chris Farrell Membership. What is the Chris Farrell Membership? Good question. Let’s dive right in.

What is the Chris Farrell Membership?Product: Chris Farrell Membership
Website: chrisfarrellmembership.com
Price: $4.95 for a one week trial, $37 per month afterwards
Owner: Chris Farrell
Sucker Rating:  (three and 1/2 suckers)
Who it’s for: Newbie affiliate marketers

What is the Chris Farrell Membership?

Chris Farrell is a marketing professional who is eager to teach you how to become an affiliate marketer. His product is polished up pretty nicely and if you are a complete newbie to affiliate marketing, this might be a good course for you to start out with because it covers the fundamentals of where to start.

One of the most endearing things about Chris is that he says this is not a get rich quick scheme. As you know, here at Sucker Free Online Business, we preach that success will only follow hard work and we can really appreciate the fact that he is not promoting a scammy “set it and forget it” product like many of his competitors push.

Before making a decision on whether to a Chris Farrell Membership or not, please read this entire review and also check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate. Both products are good, but I give Wealthy Affiliate the edge.

When you go to chrisfarrellmembership.com, you will land a video sales page. Normally I don’t like this kind of marketing, but this particular one is done fairly well, and does not feel as sleazy as most of the ones I’ve seen. He asks you for your email and in exchange for it, he moves you on to the next page and sends you a free bonus via email.

Chris Farrell quick start guide bonus.

On your bonus email you will be provided a link to join the Chris Farrell Membership program as well as a link to download your bonus.

Pros and Cons


  • Low cost to start
  • Easy daily training to follow
  • Decent supporting documents for supplemental training
  • OK Support


  • Training is not updated frequently enough
  • There are a number of upsells not explained initially
  • No free trial

What is included in the training?

About Chris FarrellThe strong point of a Chris Farrell Membership is definitely the step by step training they provide. If you are not an absolute beginner, you will probably not get much out of it, but if you are, there is some key stuff in the training that will help get you going.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the membership area:

  • How to build a website
  • How to get traffic to your website (SEO)
  • How to leverage social media
  • How to market you articles
  • And much more…

The training is primarily video based which I found pretty easy to follow. There is also some supplemental documentation which Chris calls “blueprints”. If the training is followed an applied, with diligent work and some other supplemental learning tools outside of the courses provided, I do believe that you can build yourself a successful internet marketing business.

But, let’s be clear, it will take more than just a Chris Farrell Membership to make you successful. The primary ingredient to your success is you.

What support is included in the Chris Farrell Membership?

The site is primarily supported by a member’s only discussion forum, which is not unlike many similar products. This is both good and bad. The good part is that there is a large community to draw helpful knowledge from. The bad part is that many of the members are newbies so a lot of times the advice you are receiving may not be the best advice that could be offered.

Chris also does offer a phone number to call for support. While I have not attempted to call the support line, some of the members were complaining of a lack of support.

How much does it really cost?

The “trial” week will cost you $4.95. After that there is a monthly subscription fee of $37.

Chris also offers a “Mentor Me” program at a cost of $997. The Mentor Me program lasts for six weeks and claims to teach you the nuts and bolts of website management and internet marketing, giving you the greatest chance for success.

Is there anything else not to like?

Chris Farrell Membership was voted #1 by who?There is one thing that struck me while I was going through the membership signup process. Chris makes mention of being voted the #1 program of its type, but he never says by who.

Who says it’s #1 and why?

What’s the final verdict?

While there are a couple of scammish feeling detractors from the Chris Farrell Membership, I do not feel it is a scam. I do believe it is a worthwhile product for someone just starting out in Affiliate Marketing and it has earned an esteemed three and one half suckers from us here at Sucker Free Online Business.

If you feel it is for you, please visit their site and sign up, but only after also reading my #1 recommendation for getting started at building an online business.

If you have asked yourself, “What is the Chris Farrell Membership,” I hope this review has cleared it up. And if you have used Chris’ program I’d love to hear about your experience as well. Please let me know about it in the comments below.

9 Replies to “What is the Chris Farrell Membership? – Just another scam?”

  1. Hi Christian
    I love this review on the Chris farewell Membership and I can say you’ve done well. What I personally don’t like about it is that, with the free membership, you still get to pay and i’ve never seen somewhere where one says free and then still asks for payment. This could lead to his customers thinking it’s a scam. Well overall I think it’s not a scam. It’s sites like yours that will make us better understand whether these things are scams or not.
    Cheers, Ramirez

    1. Hi Ramirez, thanks for the note. Maybe I was not clear in the review. I’ll have to go back and check, but I did not mean to imply that Chris said there was a free trial. He said you could get a one week trial for $4.95. I would prefer a free trial because it does give you a bit of time to kick the tires. Wealthy Affiliate does offer a free and premium membership. I think typically when folks don’t have a free trial or membership available, it means that the products and services they offer are going to be a little thin.

  2. Hello,

    So I’ve heard of Chris Farrell before in the internet marketing world but have’t tried this product before. I think I agree with you that it isn’t a scam but could be useless if you are anything above a complete newbie. I would rather be a part of a program/community that is for both beginners and experienced marketers. Also I want my support coming from people who have been in the business for years. I am going to check out your other reviews that you recommend.

    Thank you,


  3. Well done review, it is indeed very informative of the product. It’s honest, and will tell people what they’re really going to get out of Chris Farrel’s products. One of the most favorite niches are the “review” niches, esepically those exposing scams out there, and good that you point that Farell warns you it’s not a “get rich quick” program, which honestly exists when pigs fly.

  4. Hi Christian,

    You have through explanation about Chris Farrell membership. With a program that has been on the market for more than 7, one can easily believe in such a product.

    Which program do you recommend for an advanced marketer who only requires targeted traffic? (I have a lot of knowledge already)

    The Sky is the Limit,

    1. Hey Tony, I strongly believe if you need help getting targeted traffic that Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best place for you to go. The training there is really good and the community support is outstanding. I believe that you will get more help from within that community than you will anywhere else on the internet.

  5. Chris Farrell is definitely is not a scam. It has been around since 2011 and within a period of less than 5 years it has become one of the top rated online business opportunities out there. And it’s because Chris is an excellent presenter and teacher. It’s one of those programs you can trust and get support while building your online business. The only thing I don’t like is that they have upsells. I love programs in which everything is included in the price and I found it at Wealthy Affiliate only.

  6. Christian,
    Thanks for the helpful review. It is good to be able to compare different types of Affiliate Marketing Systems. Does the Chris Farrell membership include site hosting and Domain names or do you need to purchase them separately? Is there a helpful and supportive community that will keep you on track or do you only really get help if you spend that $997 for the “mentor me”?


  7. Thank you for this comprehensive reviews. It is always very difficult when looking for training programmes to work out which is a scam and which is not. I though do prefer programmes where there is a free trial rather than paid for as then I feel that the people running it are really standing behind their product and believe that they are offering something that people will finally want to sign up for

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