Is Google Sniper a scam?

Today I set my sight on a very popular product that promises to teach you, the aspiring affiliate marketer, the way to make money. The product is called Google Sniper. But is Google sniper a scam? Pull that belt tight, we’re going for a ride.

google-sniper-the-ultimate-blueprintProduct: Google Sniper
Price: $47 (plus a myriad upsells and a few downsells)
Owner: George Brown
Sucker Rating:  (two suckers)
Who it’s for: People wanting to make money online.

What is Google Sniper?

It took me a little while to figure out what Google Sniper actually is. Let’s start with what it is not.

Based on their landing page and their use of the word Google in their product name, it would lead you to believe it is a Google product. But there is some fine print at the bottom of the page that tells you otherwise.

This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google,…

George also lets you know in the video that they are not at all affiliated with Google at some point. So it’s not a Google service like Google Drive or Google Voice is.

You would never know it by watching the video on the landing page, but it is a product that provides training on how to become an affiliate marketer. It is sold through clickbank (an affiliate program).

Sounds good, right? Well it might be if it weren’t for some of their shady practices trying to stealthily trick you into paying more money.

Does Google Sniper provide training?

As I mentioned a minute ago, Google Sniper does provide training, and honestly, some of it is pretty good. The basic scaffolding that they are teaching is: Find something to promote (usually a product from clickbank), create a website (and have the product you are promoting in the website name) and create a bit of content (by way of a review or commentary) for your shiny new website.

Part 1 of Google Sniper Training
Google Sniper training process flow from Part 1 Training

At a glance this is pretty sound architecture for setting up a niche website. The problem is that they’re telling you to employ some old and bad techniques in some of the training.

One such technique is the practice of setting up many “mini” authority domain websites. I’ve talked about this before, but I’ll touch on it again here. This dated practice is being left behind by the search engines. Search engines are now more interested in sites that have a lot of quality content than they are a mini website.

While you may get mini websites to initially rank, my opinion is that they are eventually going to be de-ranked by Google as well as other search engines.

Further, according to Google’s Quality Guidelines on affiliate sites (emphasis mine):

Google believes that pure, or “thin,” affiliate websites do not provide additional value for web users, especially if they are part of a program that distributes its content to several hundred affiliates. These sites generally appear to be cookie-cutter sites or templates with no original content. Because a search results page could return several of these sites, all with the same content, thin affiliates create a frustrating user experience.

My feeling is that these mini websites are going to start suffering in search engine ranking. If you want a site to rank, you’re best off to create quality content intended for users to read, and create a lot of it for one website.

Let’s talk about Google Snipers shady upsells for a minute.

There are quite a few of them and if you are new to affiliate marketing, you might be tricked into paying more money than you have to. It’s a trick as old as the hills, but it is, and always has been dishonest.


See that crafty little “ON” switch next to “Give me trial access to Sniper X…”? That is a recurring monthly subscription but they do not tell you that anywhere. Your credit card will be billed $47 each month if that discreet little switch is not turned off. I’m not clear on what service that recurring fee provides because they do not tell you anywhere on the site that I could find.

There are also a few other upsells and downsells to get through AFTER you have already purchased the program, but before you make it to the member’s area. If you decide that Google Sniper is for you, I recommend that you not participate in any of them. During the upsell process it is not spelled out what each upsell service or product provides. Here is a chart I found on their affiliate tools page that at least sheds some light on the cost.

Google Sniper Cost Plus Upsells

It’s not clear when you’re going through the signup process how much each of these cost So,if you did not know any better, here’s what your credit card might get charged:

Google Sniper: $47
Elite Upgrade: $187
Case Study: $97

That’s $331 when you thought you were paying $47. Dishonest!

The 60% next to that number is what you would get paid if you were an affiliate of the program, so if you got one customer who opted into all of the products and services (whether they meant to or not), you would make about $198.

That sounds pretty lucrative, but let me ask you a question. Do you really want to promote a product or service that is trying to make money off of its customers in such a dishonest manner?

Is there support?

The only thing that I could find with regards to support was a means to email them. They also state that you need to have your website(s) and campaign(s) set up before emailing them. There was even a quip saying:

…We’re here to help you personally make money from your campaigns but we unfortunately cannot provide one on one coaching to everyone i.e. How do I make a Twitter account? (We do give you a lot as it is for $47 and I’m sure you agree!)

Hrmm.. So you’re basically stuck following the training to get yourself set up with a money making website. If you are an absolute beginner, this can be a daunting task.

Here is the nitty gritty.


  • There is some decent training material that can help you create a profitable site
  • There seems to be no further upsells once you are in the member area and past the signup phase


  • Dishonest and confusing upsells after the initial purchase
  • Hidden subscription to “Sniper X” access after initial trial
  • Some training courses promote unethical and illegal behavior in some areas
  • Some techniques taught in the training is outdated and can actually hurt your website’s rank in Google and other search engines

Here is my final verdict.

I would not recommend that you purchase Google Sniper. While there is a bit of good training, there are other places that you can receive better training, where you will not be pitched upsells in a dishonest way (or at all). To me this product does feel like a scam due to their shady upsell practices.

They also resort to trying to convince you that you will make buckets of cash by employing their techniques. Now, George himself says that he cannot guarantee that you will make any money using their methods but then he goes on to show you screen captures presenting five figure paychecks. This type of behavior just screams, “SCAM!

George showing you his five figure paychecks.

As I mentioned a second ago, there are better places to get the tools and training you need to become a successful marketer that can show you how to create a successful online business. And I would love to show you how.

My top recommendation for tools and training is Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion the resources and training there far outshines anything that Google Sniper has to offer. Furthermore, you can create an account for free. You do not even have to enter a credit card to gain access. You can have a website up and running and be learning how you can make an honest living supporting it.

Have you had experience with Google Sniper? I’d love to hear about it, whether it has been a good or bad experience. Please let me know in the comments below. And as always, remember I’m here to help and I was a sucker, so you don’t have to be.

24 Replies to “Is Google Sniper a scam?”

  1. I’ve checked Google Sniper a couple of times and have to say I don’t like it at all. The landing page has a video that’s designed like a live stream but is actually recorded.

    And as you mentioned they have a pretty heavy upsell. I don’t intent to try this program at all.

    Thank you for the review. I love WA as well. I think if someone wants to learn about building an online business, they should check it out.


    1. Thanks, Anh. In my opinion the training at Wealthy Affiliate is much better than what is provided at Google Sniper. As I mentioned in my post, some of the training at Google Sniper is OK, but some of it is down right dangerous, and if you are new to this type of business how would you ever know the difference?

  2. I actually wrote a review on this George Brown character about three years ago – when he first hit the scene he was onto something special, now he’s just trying to push the same product that doesn’t work ( any longer! ). Google caught up with these sniper sites ans acted accordingly. They did work once upon a time, but not any more ( I actually used the first program to great effect! )

    1. Hey Chris, I think the product you’re referring to was his “Predator” product. I think Google Sniper (which is on it’s third revision now) is just that training course re-branded. Even back with predator, I still found that some of the techniques he was encouraging folks to employ felt a little sleazy.

  3. Hello Christian, Thank you so much for helping me to avoid this product. I didn’t know a lot about google sniper before reading this post. I agree 100% this sounds like another shady system! I certainly would not want to get involved with a company that uses these kinds of tricky tactics. Making you believe you are paying only the $47 a month and then you are surprised later with automatic charges for other products. Incredible!!

    Thank you for helping ones like myself to steer clear of scams like this one. I am now a part of Wealthy Affiliate and can tell you this is the best of the best. The awesome thing is you can sign up for free and try it first! Keep up the excellent service you provide here.

    Cheers, Richard

    1. I think that if a product has merit and quality it should be sold on just that, Richard. Google Sniper does have some good training (although it is also peppered with some bad training too). Unfortunately the good qualities it might have are overshawdowed by shady sales gimmicks.

      I’m glad you found some value in this review. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

  4. Hello – what a dishonest lot. I’m really glad I came upon this before I got sold into the plan. It shows it is best to do a bit of research before you join any scheme these days. You might well have saved me a whole heap of cash here – I was looking at this scheme so thanks for your help.

    It’s a shame Google hasn’t fully caught up with scams like this yet.

    The trouble is us humans are a fairly bright bunch and an extremely crooked one. We act crookedly faster than we can ever keep up with so I guess some-one’s always going to get scammed somewhere.

    At least this guy isn’t getting a penny from me now so many thanks for this, you’ve actually helped some-one today. Thank you.


    1. Hi Andre, Google actually does have a litigation team looking at products that use the Google name to promote their services. It is my belief that they will eventually catch up.

      Unfortunately, once that happens, this product will probably move on to some other branding and continue to be marketed in a deceiving way. As you said, humans are a bright bunch, and George Brown is certainly not the least of them. He has made a lot of money off of this product and it’s predecessor. My feeling is that he will continue to do so because he has a really good sales pitch. But that is why I created this site; so that I can help consumers find the best products for the money. If I can save a few people from sinking money into these shady deals, I feel it is well worth it.

  5. hi Christian
    I have to say that I totally agree that Google Sniper is not worth it and in fact dishonest. I mean there are tons of hidden fees and the recurring subscription being on and them not telling you? Like come on! I would be pissed if I had signed up to try for a month and my card would then be charged monthly. It’s a hassle that no one wants to go through. And having a site to promote a single product? That is very outdated indeed. There is only so much you can write about a single product. At some point, one will need to create another site to promote another product. Creating a website with multiple products promoted makes more sense.

    1. Hi Emily, I actually don’t see an issue with creating a website to promote a single product, and there are a lot of sites out there that do that well. But what Google Sniper is endorsing is the use of mini-sites. Maybe I was not clear in my review and I should go back and touch it up but let me briefly explain what a mini website is.

      A mini website is one that is created with just a few pages that drill down into a sales page. They are very targeted. Unfortunately, their content is very thin. Google really wants to see thicker sites now, with more quality content and a lot of user engagement by means of user readership, comments, social media shares and good quality backlinks. Backlinks are briefly described in my review of Social Monkee which is a service that basically sells backlinks; a practice which I would never advise.

      However, if you had a software or service that you could constantly write unique and quality content about, I do believe that you could create a website to promote one single product. It would sure take some creativity, but there are some successful ones out there.

  6. I have stumbled across this Google Sniper program a few times in my research but was always hesitant to try it out. Now I am glad I stayed away. Your top recommendation looks much more interesting and appears to have lots of perks. I think I will check that one out instead. Thanks for the heads up! Greatly appreciated. 🙂

  7. Thanks for a very informative review. It does look more than a little dodgy having the name Google in the title is clearly misleading and I always have to question a product that has hidden upsells. Thanks for the advice.

  8. Hi Christian
    Thanks for putting this together. I thought Google Sniper looked pretty good, but I definitely won’t be signing on after reading your article. I hate being tricked out of my money. It’s more the principal of the thing than the actual loss of money for me. How can you trust anything being told to you from somebody who does something like that? I would always wonder if they had a hidden agenda. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

    1. I agree with you, David. If you should never trick someone into a sale. If you have to resort to such tactics, it is likely that the product is not worth what you are paying to begin with, let alone the tricky upsells.

  9. Google Sniper sounds very, very suspicious. C’mon, email only support and even that requires setting up your websites and campaigns running first? I bet many people struggled with steps before getting all the way up there and then had to give up due to no support available! And then all the other recurring monthly fees on top of it. Not a very nice situation to find yourself in!

    1. I think you’re probably right, Matthew. George says that this product is for a complete novice, but I’ve been coaching folks in web development for 17 years now and everybody trips up and needs help. Heck, I even need help sometimes even with all the years I’ve been creating websites. It’s not fair to sell a product to someone and then tell them that they’re on their own when they get stuck.

  10. Hi there!
    First of all very informative site for those who want to avoid scams! I am glad to see that you’re also promoting wealthy affiliate and comparing to google sniper. I’ve actually never heard of Google sniper before and I don’t plan on ever using it so thanks for the heads up!

  11. Hi there! I love everything about your website. You have a very informative site that caught my eye. Your review on Google sniper was dead on. You help the customer avoid making a terrible decision and direct them in the right path. Wealthy affiliate is the way to go for sure

  12. Hello there,

    I was about to write a review on my website for Google sniper as i saw many contradiction thoughts about it, but really i liked your review and i agree that this program not worth trying as there is dishonesty in some parts in it which makes you feel it’s a scam, thanks for sharing you review with us.

  13. I’m of the same opinion and think that Google Sniper is not a scam. It definitely offers some good information and if you use it and work on it you probably can achieve some success. But George Brown’s main problem is that there are quite a few upsells and there is no real support. the only way to get support is by email which is an outdated method. There are many legit programs that provide full support through a live chat and their price includes everything. With this in mind, there are much better programs than Google Sniper and I think Brown’s product is the product of the past.

  14. Great blog post, I absolute love these types of useful information. I feel they help me out the best and give me the most advice to do more with my own blog. It is sites like these that I constantly come back to time and time again, hoping, and waiting for the tips and posts like these which change my world around.

  15. Hey Christian,
    I’ve tried Google Sniper before and I can totally vouch for you on it being a scam. The lessons are outdated, George is not being transparent and believe it or not, the same lessons are actually used on all versions of Google Sniper.

    They just mix everything instead of creating everything from scratch. Terrible people, all they want is out money, especially though those hidden upsells of theirs.

  16. Yeah I’m afriad that George Brown’s product is now well and truly out of date – sniper sites won’t last you a month any longer (if that). Google got hold of these low quaility sites and took them out of business. The techniques he covers are completely out of date as well. Great article – you got to the bones of the subject

  17. I have heard about this product again on forums but I finally learned what it is about.

    There are many digital programs like this one that gives you outdated or false information. They usually have many upsells too.

    The business model they teach you on Google Sniper, I think that it was working some years ago but as you said, it does not work anymore.

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