What is Social Monkee?

Hello, worldwide web peoples! Today I stumbled across a site that had me scratching my head for a few minutes and wondering, “What is Social Monkee?” I initially thought it was going to be something to help automate posts to social media outlets, but that’s not what it is at all.

Here at Sucker Free Online Business, we are dedicated to directing you to the best products to build your online business. There are gobs of them online. Some are good, some a mediocre, some leave me running through the woods, screaming in terror.

Social Monkee is one I would avoid. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

What is social monkee?Product: 
Social Monkee
Website: http://www.socialmonkee.com/
Price: $7 (with a threat to raise it to $47 soon)
Owner: Colin Klinkert
Sucker Rating: half-sucker (one half of a sucker)
Who it’s for: People wanting to drive traffic to their site

What is Social Monkee?

Social Monkee is a product that you pay your hard earned money for that promises to give you traffic to your website through the use of backlinks. For those who don’t know, a backlink is simply a hyperlink from someone’s site back to yours. We’ll get into that more in a few minutes.

How much does it cost?

What is Social Monkee's cost vs reward?

Currently Social Monkee has a lifetime buy in fee of $7.

The $7 (soon to be upped to $47, per the current video on the homepage) allows you to get 25 backlinks to one webpage per day (750 per month). The only upsell I could find was to $47 which allows you to get 100 backlinks per day for three webpages.

Who is Social Monkee for?

Almost everyone who has a website has one sole purpose. That purpose is to drive traffic to their website. The best way to drive traffic to your site is to gain rank in search engines. That means that when someone searches for whatever your site is about you want it to be ranked as close to the first result on the first page as possible.

What does Social Monkee offer?

Social Monkee claims that they can get you more traffic by producing backlinks for your site which will give your site better search engine optimization (SEO). The problem is that in many cases backlinks can cause you to lose search engine ranking and thus lose traffic to your site.

Why can (poor) backlinks be potentially hazardous to website health?

A few years ago this type of gimmick was working. Then one day, google updated the algorithms that they use for website ranking. The other search engines shortly followed suite.

People who owned websites that were extremely lucrative one day, woke up the next morning to getting no new traffic and losing thousands of dollars in sales and commissions as a result.

A lot of these marketers had resorted to backlinks to their site, thus “tricking” the search engines into thinking that the site was more popular than it really was.

Today, most search engine algorithms that rank your site take backlinks into consideration differently than they had in the past. They watch them with a leery eye, meaning they will not give your site a better rank if you are using them. In fact they can, and most likely will, hurt your SEO, if they deem it a poor quality backlink.

Google refers to this practice as a link scheme. Here is an excerpt from their site on what they have to say about it:

Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site.

And one of they items that they specifically call out:

  • Using automated programs or services to create links to your site

Based on my research, it appears that Social Monkee is automating their service through open source software that allows for creating backlinks to your site. The quality of the sites are likely poor, containing little to no content other than a bunch of links to a bunch of different sites.

Google’s algorithms are complex and very smart. They will catch you if you engage in this type activity. If your backlinks are of poor quality, you’re likely to get slapped with google’s big ‘ol ban stick.

Social Monkee’s Money Back Guarantee

Social Monkee's Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied, you can get 100% of your money back within 60 days. That sounds pretty good, right?  WRONG!

Here is the problem: if you’re trying to drive traffic to your site and you employ this technique, google (who holds 70% of the search engine market share) could put your site in a timeout because it is violating their quality guidelines. There is no telling how long that timeout could last. I have heard of websites that have been “punished” by google for not adhering to their guidelines years ago and still are stuck in a timeout.

Are all backlinks bad?

All backlinks are certainly not bad. In fact they can help your SEO if they are organic. What I mean by this is that you have a web page or blog post that is so engaging that it causes someone else to write an article about your content. In their content they provide a meaningful link (backlink) to your page. This would be good. In my opinion, what Social Monkee is doing is bad.

So how do we drive we get good traffic to our site?

As you frequently hear us say at Sucker Free Online business, the only path to success is through hard work. If you want to drive traffic to your site, I highly recommend you do it the old fashioned way, without gimmicks or scams.

You want to create a content rich website that is meant for human consumption. If you are serious about getting started in an online business, I have found a great place that provides quality training on how to create a great quality, revenue producing website that will get organic traffic driven to it. It steers clear of gimmicks that could potentially harm your website. And best of all you can try it for free.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate. It is my number one recommendation for anyone interested in creating an online business or learning how to drive organic traffic to their website.

What’s the final verdict on Social Monkee?

social-monkee-can-hurt-youI hate to say it but I have to give Social Monkee a big, fat thumbs down. I really wanted to like this product. The page is put together well and, although it screamed “scam” in a couple of places, I liked the presentation of the homepage video.

But the bottom line is, I cannot recommend a product that could potentially harm your website rankings.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments below. I’d love to hear your feedback.

15 Replies to “What is Social Monkee?”

  1. I often doubt whether backlinks are really effective in SEO anymore. I think the best way to rank in Google is simply to create quality content which will naturally get linked and shared just because people want to!

    Thanks for educating us on Social Monkey, you’ve explained it very well. I’d never heard of it before reading this article, but I think I will probably have to give it a miss. I’d rather just put in the effort to create high quality content for my readers.

    Thanks for the interesting read.

    1. I’m glad you got something out of it, Hannah. While it’s true that automated backlinks like this one can have seriously poor affects on your site, I would not discourage someone from, say, creating a blog post and siting your website as a source of information. As long as it’s done in a natural way, it can help SEO. Automated systems like Social Monkee are, however, outdated, and rightfully so. I’m glad that we are now on an even playing field as far as gaining SEO goes.

  2. I have never even heard of social monkey. Backlinks sound scary. I would hate to lose traffic I worked hard for by doing something like this.Thanks for warning me to stay clear of this program. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. I have never heard of these guys before your article. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. As a general rule I hate backlinks and am glad google is finally punishing these companies who just seem to piggyback on top of their technology. Well done review and like you, a big thumbs down!

  4. It’s so sad that things like this exist, because it seems like they are mostly there to prey on new marketers. You learn that backlinks are important, which they are, so when you hear that you can just buy hundreds of them, it sounds so exciting. I’m glad that you have made this to help those new people be aware of the danger of falling prey to those “fast money” trick claims.

    1. It does often seem that these types of products are designed with the sole purpose of preying on new AMs. I’m not sure what the case is with Social Monkee. I don’t think the site owner, Collin Klinkert, can claim nativity because he is a seasoned pro in marketing. My guess is that Social Monkee was developed prior to google changing their SERP algorithms, but he is still making money with it. Unfortunately that either makes him ignorant to the change or dishonest.

  5. Hi Christian!
    Looks like another scam. Thankfully it seems there has been a shift towards creating meaningful content to create a lasting business online. It seems that there will always be new ways to ‘manipulate’ traffic but it is good to see Google keeping up to speed and almost acting like a regulatory body to help meaningful businesses succeed.

    Thanks again

    1. I think you are right, Manu. I think people will always find a way to manipulate the system. That’s what people were doing with backlinks prior to the big algorithm change. The problem is, google (as well as the other search engines) want people to have the best experience possible from the search results they are serving. So when they find out about these exploits, they will close the hole. And if the exploit is egregious enough, they have the right to blacklist your site.

      People, even friends of mine, knew what they were doing with backlinks. They were gaming the system, but it seemed to be an industry standard. Now that content is king, it’s leveled the playing field, IMHO.

  6. I don’t think that backlinks should be a selling point for anything anymore. Google have completely changed the way the rank websites. Also, if a company is shoving a money back guarantee in your face then it’s probably because they know that you will want your money back. I have seen that plenty of times.

    Thanks for the review. I wont be going anywhere near this company and their services.

  7. Up until now, I hadn’t heard of Social Monkee. But it does seem like one of those spam services where you pay money for a certain amount of something (in this case, backlinks) and I don’t like the sound of that. With writing good content comes rankings and traffic and even BACKLINKS. Backlinks could come from others that have admired your content enough to reference it. That’s what I like. Thanks for the heads up Christian.

    1. I could not agree more with you, Medu, if it was not already clear by the tone of my review. Backlinks are absolutely a great thing when gained organically. When they are automated, they are going to hurt your ranking. Thanks for the note.

  8. HI., I am tempted to use this Scoial Monkee to have backlink to my new website. Thanks to your information that I will never do these automated links. It might hurt than do good for my site.
    Could you please advise on how I could establish quality backlinks instead of these automated ones.
    If it would help, please visit my website: Macuha Art Gallery.

    1. Hey Jason, I’m glad you decided not to try Social Monkee. I’m afraid it would hurt your rankings rather than help.

      The best way to get good quality backlinks is to create a following. If you engage your readers, they may be inspired to write about content you have provided on your website. The very best way to do this is by engaging search engine optimization (SEO). You do this by creating quality content and structuring your pages to engage your readers. In my opinion the very best place to learn how to do that is Wealthy Affiliate. You can join their site for free and try out the products and services.

      I’ll be happy to help and if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line. You can find my email address on my about page or feel free to ask another question here in the comments.

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